$168.00 $179.76 (incl. GST)

Louis XIV XO Gold 700ml
Golden Brand Bird’s Nest 70g x 3
Fortune Razor Clam 425g
Skylight Special Premium Abalone Sauce 425g
Old Peng Hiang Prawn Rolls 80g
Tong Garden Con Con Cheese 80g
Hai Wei Wang Seaweed 20g
Lai Phu French Cookies 150g
Da San Yuan Mixed Fruit Candy 120g
Win2 Moroll Wafer Rolls 90g
Da San Yuan Preserved Plum Pee 110g
Crisriz Crispy Rice Flakes 60g
Cindy Chocolate Coated Marshmallow 120g
Purcell Chocolate Coating Crispy Puff 100g

Note: All photo are shown for reference purpose only. We reserve the right to substitute any item that is equivalent or other item depending on stock availability.

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