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• The Heritage XO [豪特塔戈 XO] 350ml
• Les Murs French Wine 750ml
• Skylight New Zealand Superior Abalone (N.Z. Australian Flavour)
[天亮牌纽西兰鲍鱼] 425g
• Moonlight Abalone 425g
• New Moon Razor Clam 425g
• Ferrero Rocher [金莎朱古力] 200g
• Jiyang Essence of Ginseng, Cordyceps Birdnest [吉羊牌虫草燕窝人参鸡精] 70g x 6
• Bonz Mango Chocolate 50g
• Hai Wei Wang Seaweed [海味王紫菜] 20g
• Laiphu French Cookies 150g
• Old Peng Hiang Prawn Rolls [老品香虾卷] 80g
• Amore Butter Cookies 150g

Note: All photo are shown for reference purpose only. We reserve the right to substitute any item that is equivalent or other item depending on stock availability.

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